That's not fate, sir... that's tomfoolery

I dream in Technicolor brilliance. I always have. I also dream in mini (maxi) series. Like I will start a dream and a few nights, months, years later - that dream picks back up where I left off like there's a DVR in my brain. I have one dream involving a black sandy beach and an amusement park that has been running since I was ten years of age. My late great father often visits in dreams. He's either laughing, lecturing or just looking at me with confusion on his face. 

Sometimes I think my dreams are trying to tell me something. Sometimes I double check what I had on the TV before I went to sleep. And I cannot eat spicy food too close to bedtime - if I do I dream myself into chase scenes and shoot outs and wake up exhausted. I know I'm "special" I'm okay with it.

When my sister and I went to Maui, we landed and there was a rainbow. When we took off five days later, there was also a rainbow. In almost the exact same spot. I decided it was a positive sign. (And not just refracted water in the sky)

How  much do you believe that dreams are prophecy? How much do you believe that a being from on high talks to you or sends you signs? I go back and forth on these things. I do believe in signs and higher powers but then I also believe in free will and responsible thought.

The gentleman who wrote to me goes all in and then some. Read his story and weigh in.
Hey Ms. Michele,
I read your blog and wonder what you think about this. I've been married for five years and have two young boys. But recently I left my wife. I had been having a dream about a woman (not my wife) for months. The dreams were so clear and beautiful, it was like I was living a different life when I was asleep than the one I was living when I was awake. About a year ago, I truly started feeling as though Jesus (or somebody like him) was trying to tell me something. A few months later I actually met the woman that was in my dreams. It was like meeting an old friend. She said she felt the same about me. Even though she's sixteen years younger than me (I'm 40) we are soulmates. We are now together and people think we are crazy but when fate shows you the hand, you have to play the cards. Don't you think?
-Perry in Decatur
Um. Okay. I'm so sorry, Perry. I have to call bullshiggity. In my heart of hearts  I believe you saw this woman out of the corner of your eye somewhere and wove her into your midnight fantasy. When given the opportunity, you made your fantasy come true. You left your wife and kids to get a little tenderoni because a dream told you to?! I can NOT even cosign on this tomfoolery. Did you write in for validation? I'm so not here for that. But do have your ex (soon to be ex?) write in so we can chit and chat with her. I weep for the example you set for your boys. Oh and "Jesus or someone like him" - what does that even mean!!!??? Man, please. 

BougieLand. Two separate issues here. Answer the poll and riddle me this - do you believe that things can be revealed to you in dreams? Do you believe any of what Perry just said? Have you ever done something (or decided not to do something) based on a dream, a sign or a gut feeling? What do you have to say to Perry? Do share...