As the Bouge Turns...

I had great intentions to post this week. I really did. It still may happen. I came back from the inauguration with half a cold and caught the rest of it while Dallas was figuring out what to do weather wise (it's 20, now 40, now 80 degrees!) Fail.

Before I could really settle in, I had to hop a plane to Florida. BougieSis is having some female surgery today. (Fibroids, why hast thou cursed the Sisterhood?) So I'm here trying to work from the hospital waiting room, catch up on my emails and write the outline for my next book. Oh, I'm supposed to fly back South Saturday to go to the Super Bowl on Sunday.

One-A-Day Gummi-Vitamin, anyone?

All of that to say, sorry for lack of fresh bouge. However, my brilliant sister-at-heart, +Carolyn Edgar has blogged today. Check out her post: Standards, how many of us have them?

Be back soon.