Hashtag Monday: #LeaveItIn2012 - 5 things

Well here we are again. 2012 is almost in the books and for those of us that made it - Amen and let's keep fighting the good fight. I went back and reviewed my New Year's posts from the past few years - after 2009, I went on a mini-rant (unfortunately, I still rant about some of those same things now). After 2010, I made a sort of checklist of accomplishments, lessons learned and areas for improvement. Um... still working on those improvement areas. (That was an eye-opener) I kicked off 2012 with a determination to do what I could to get Obeezy re-elected and basically do better in other areas of my life. Done and done.

But for some reason, this year just felt a little hard. I'm definitely wrapping up the year on a high note which I appreciate but 2012 felt like it was an uphill climb. Which I suppose is better than a downhill slide. At any rate, there are some things we can go ahead and dead prior to 2013. Let's #LeaveItIn2012, shall we?

1. All things Mitt Romney - he lost. Buh-bye. I no longer am required to care what he's doing or why. Let's keep it that way.

2. Oversharing on these here intersocialwebmedia sites - That goes for me too. Yeah, I'm semi-sorta dating someone. That's all you need to know for now.

3. Ranting about the Cowboys (or you may insert frustrating sports franchise of your own here) - I've done this rant for at least 5 years straight. Nothing changes. Jerry's ego won't allow it to. I'm resigned to living with Silver & Blue shame. Le Sigh. 

4. Trying to achieve Wonder Woman (SuperMan) status - This is something we all have to work on. American society as a whole has us programmed to "be our best selves' and "live life to the fullest" and sometimes if we aren't out there making moves, hustling and turning our lives into shining examples of 'get-like-me-ness' we feel like we haven't done enough - or is that just me? Anywho, I'm over it. This is the first year I haven't averaged 3 - 5 blog posts per week. On the one hand, I feel bad about it because we have a great community here and the more I blog, the more awesome people I meet. On the other hand there are 8766 hours in a year, sounds like a lot but my do they fly.

5. Nonsense, Foolery and Shenaniganism - I don't know about you but it seems like I put up with a lot more of shiggity than one should this year. If you find yourself defriended, blocked or banned - well, buh bye now. In 2013, it's less stress and more positive progress. 

Anything to add to the #LeaveItIn2012 list? Please share...