Open Thread - What are you doing Election Night?

Whew! We're here. We made it. Tonight, come what may, we'll know who the Electoral College the money machines the American People elected for President in 2012. So how to get through this long, long night?

Apparently Jay and Joy have invited themselves to my house to watch election results this evening. I found this out when Annette sent word that she and John are coming too. And David says if they get to come over.... See how this goes? Casa de Michele might be bolted shut and locked down.

My plan was start in with Bloody Marys around 4:00pm (officially cocktail hour doncha know) and switch to varietal wines right about the time I know whether to dance for joy or hide under the bed weeping. I had planned to do all of this wearing baggy sweats and a raggedy ponytail. 

But over to you - what are you doing this evening? Watching the results? on what channel? Going ot a watch party? What will you do if your candidate doesn't win? How many beds should I reserve at the Casa de Bouge alongside the rainforest of Georgetown, Guyana? #NoJimJones

And certainly not least - who voted? How long did it take? Any drama? Do share...