Know who you're texting if you're sexting... Please!

It was early Thanksgiving morning and my cell phone was blowing up. Knowing that more than likely it was folks sending out their text edition of a Hallmark card, I put the phone on silent to ignore it and flipped over to go back to sleep. When I woke up a half hour later I had over 20 missed text messages. Seriously?

I scrolled from the bottom up: family, family, college roommate, friend, friend, number I didn't recognize. The number I didn't recognize had the caption beside it "something for you to think about" - really? Ooookay. And then foolish me, I clicked to open. The best thing I can tell you is that the picture was high definition. Then again, maybe that's the worse thing. Yes, some random dude sent me a picture of himself from the neck down in all his naked glory.

I didn't recognize him. I flipped to the next text and I guess this dude really wanted to get his point across because he took close-ups off all ( of his various body parts and sent them along. I skipped to the  last note in the thread and read the following:

"Taneisha, I'm waiting for you to call me."

Oh. So not only did dude send XXX pics of himself before eight in the damn morning but he sent them to the wrong person? 

Of course I decided to have some fun. "Those pictures were supposed to make me call?"

"You were calling out my name last night. Don't even trip."

"Whose name did I say?"

"You're game playing today? You know this is Xxxxxxx."

Ha. Now I knew who it was and I was triply amused. "No, I didn't know it was you. Guess what?"


"This isn't Taneisha."

"Who is THIS?"

"Not Taneisha. Happy Thanksgiving to you. LOL!" I turned the phone off. Of course he called, heard my voice and left some ridiculous message. I didn't care. Haven't dated the guy in forever.

But the moral of this story, BougieLand - know thy contact list. Know who you're texting when you're sexting. Please and thank you...

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