Are we there yet? A weary liberal's take on Election 2012

s/o to @CarolynEdgar who gave me this post idea with her blog this morning-

There's no way to prettify the truth - I'm over Election 2012. Way over it. I've donated, I've blogged, I've tweeted, I've assisted at Get Out The Vote rallies, I've volunteered on phone banks, I've already voted and I pledged to drive folks twice next week and on Election Day to the polls. I'm done.

Maybe it's just me but I haven't seen this level of frenzy and outrage and pathos and hyperbole before. And it's been at this fever pitch for months on end. Every day some new outrageous thing happens to whip us up. Every hour some new poll, some pundit, someone grasping for attention says something, does something and the spin begins yet again.

I've watched the debates (I scored them Team Obama 3, Team Other Guy 1), I've read the articles, I've seen the interviews, the posters, the pictures, the t-shirts. I've shaken my head at the commercials and I've been stunned speechless by the audacity of privilege.

I've stopped responding to rampantly racist emails, tweets and facebookery. Nothing I say is going to stop someone with years of ignorance from doing what they want in less than two weeks. I've (unfortunately) had to unsubscribe from most of the email from the Dems and progressives. Because I've used different email accounts, I can get fifteen emails asking me to give a little, sign something, make a call, show my support. Enough. (Though I did save the email from Maya Angelou, I mean come on - it's Maya Angelou!)

I've given up the news. Yesterday was my last straw. The rich idiot with the bad hair who shall not be named as well as the former VP candidate whose entire family needs to have several sides tipped me over the edge. It seems the best way to call attention to yourself is to say something so outlandishly offensive about the sitting President that media outlets can't help but cover it.

Good on them. I'm done, son. And there's a name for this. Election fatigue ya'll. I've hit the wall. Yes, I've gotten weary on the journey. It's not that I no longer care.  It's that this is a long-assed road trip, I'm getting car sick, the scenery sucks and I'm ready to reach the destination already. Come what may. 

Who feels me?