Love It or Leave It Alone... a minor rant

There's a lot going on this week. The DNC kicks off, the NFL kicks off, the last set of schools open and get these kids back in the classroom and it's September. But before I go any further, let me take a pause for the cause and address a thing or two.

After the Shawn Shebacle (shiggity + debacle), I received three kinds of feedback. The first was a combination of stunned outrage and incredulity. "What was he thinking?" Okay. That was to be expected. The second was flat out disbelief. "This can't be real, stop making things up." We'll come back to that one. And the third and most surprising to me was accusatory. Apparently, there are some who felt that this was some Machiavellian plot of mine. For what you may wonder? (As did I) There's a school of thought that I slept with Shawn and made up the ratchet visit encounter to cover it up to save face.

Let's address that one as I received no less than 14 emails, 2 texts and a phone call about it. First of all, not that I'm required to share every (any) thing with the readership but seriously, after all the crap I've admitted to on here, wouldn't I just say - Ooo, ya'll - I did a bad thing and admit it? Second, if I was going to just wild out and sleep with anyone other than David in the crew, it would have been Jay (sorry Joy, just saying. On fine points alone?) or Owen (sorry Jayme, he's got that Denzel thing going) but then I wouldn't be typing this because I'd be so very dead. Shawn never crossed my mind.

But having been in the situ previously where I guy I was dating tried to date a friend of mine (please see PsychoMike story for reference)... Really? That's me? Lure some dude over, stir cocoa and then tell his friends and my ex (via blogpost) that he hit on me to cover it up? Ooookay.

I don't expect that you all know me like know me, know me. But c'mon now. If you're bold enough to write me a long-assed accusatory letter calling me a skank, at least do your research first. Please and thank you.

Next up, the fiction of it all. It's true. I do write fiction. For money. Pay attention. When I write fiction it's because someone is paying me to do so. No one pays me for this blog. It's a labor of love (most days). Period. The reason I don't also write for multiple publications, websites, newszines, etc - I only have so much to give. I'm not one of those folks whose creativity comes effortlessly. It's a struggle. I share this to say, I ain't be got (yeah, I said it) the energy to write fiction, play nice with fools at work AND make up entertaining diversions for this blog. 

Finally, let me say you are all welcome to your opinions of course. You are even welcome to share them with me. But at the end of the day if you don't like/doubt/disagree with something you read... we can discuss it respectfully as grown folks should do. If not? There are multiple exits from Bougieland. Love it or leave it alone.

Happy Tuesday...