Fall TV Watch - What's caught your eye?

I will admit to not paying a ton of attention to new shows this fall. I tried to pick up a few shows in the past few months (Boss - good but too dark for me) and I started watching Breaking Bad from Season One on Amazon Prime. 

I didn't stay faithfully glued to Boardwalk Empire though I watched the premiere and I was also happy to see the return of Treme. House of Lies was a brilliantly satirical look at the life of consultants led by the always impressive Don Cheadle. I had mixed emotions about The Closer series wrap-up and I couldn't get into Major Crimes, the spinoff. As usual, I enjoyed every episode of Leverage and can't wait for it to come back in late fall.

But what I'm really looking forward to? Scandal tonight. After that first season, what in the world will Olivia Pope do next? Someone pointed out to be that Scandal is messier than any of the hot mess reality TV shows I routinely ignore. Yes. I know. But it's FICTION. And well written at that.

Grey's Anatomy kicks off season gazillion tonight and I just don't know. Seems like Shondra Rhimes has milked that puppy dry and is going straight for a visceral punch in the gut every episode. Until the chief or Bailey get a love interest they are allowed to keep, I'm side-eyeing the show with arms crossed.

Also looking forward to the return of The Good Wife. The plot appears to have come full circle so you just know the writers will shake that up. I'll also check out this new drama with Andre Braugher, I've never seen him be less than excellent (in in that poor slapped together Ray Romano show I can't remember the name of).

I have definitely turned a corner on Criminal Minds. It has gone from fascinating me to scaring the shiggity out of me. I caught a little bit of Mindy Kaling's new show which seemed amusing. I also caught about ten minutes of Guys with Kids with Anthony Anderson and Tempestt Bledsoe - umm, not so much.

So BnB'ers - what's on your Must See TV list this fall? Anything new we need to know about? Do share...