Are super-relationships the new bling? Lesson Two

It's funny how I thought there was nothing I could learn from Iyanla's Fix My Life. I'm not a fan of reality TV, I don't give two shakes of a damn about Evelyn or Chad, never paid a ton of attention to Iyanla and my overall thinking was "ratchet is as ratchet does." And then I actually watched the show. Thankfully, I was able to look beyond the National Inquirer aspects and get to the life lessons.

Lesson Number Two was also spurred on by a minor rant @PlyrPerspective had on Twitter. She was talking about this era of Power Couples. The competition to make sure your relationship is shiny and glossy is real out there.

Light bulb moment - have I been too centered on what my relationships looked like from the outside looking in as opposed to their wellness from the inside out? In other words, how much is having that "good on paper" person on your arm more of a trophy and less of a relationship?

Sure, we all want to date people we think are attractive. We want to date people that our friends and families will like. We want others to be impressed with our choices. We also want people that are going to be assets and not liabilities. My gut check comes into play when it's a toss-up whether I'm attracted to the person from the inside out or from the outside in. Is it more about the checklist? And is it more important even to just to be in a relationship with a decent person just to validate your own fabulosity?

And then I think about it. Naw, I'm good. I'd rather take a less glossy person with a heart of gold. (Not tore up, let's not get carried away) And Lord knows if I just wanted to stay in a relationship for relationships' sake... well, that's another post. But does everyone feel the same? Are there too many folks trying to get their Bey-Jay, Michelle-Barack, or dear heaven Ye-Kim on? For the wrong reasons? Is it really about achieving super coupledom or holding on to a lifemate?

Let's discuss. Have relationships become too much about the shell and less about the yolk? Are "photo-op matching resumes" relationships what's hot in the streetz? Are the relationships the new bling? Do share...