Understand the end game before you take the field

I don't understand shortsightedness. Sure hindsight is 20/20 but um... that's hindsight. I'm a pinkie toe in the shallow end, ease my way into it making sure nothing nasty is in the water kind of girl. That's just me. Try as I might, I cannot understand people who dive into situations without forethought or an exit strategy. There are few things I do in life without taking at least a moment to review the path to get there and what happens next. Even as simple as breakfast in the morning. On my way to the fridge, I'm already contemplating the quickest way to get to one egg on top a whole grain piece of bread with sharp cheddar, bacon and a tomato slice. Hmm, I'm out of eggs - what's the backup plan? The end game is for me to get fed quick, fast with as much delicious and nutritious as I can pull together.

Michele, why are we talking about breakfast? Okay - its a metaphor people. In reviewing the Shawn-debacle from the other night, I can't help but wonder - what was the end game? We should use this as a teachable moment. Too many people throw the football down the field without checking for the pass rush or seeing if anyone's open. Not a sports person? Okay. Too many people throw the car in drive and take off speeding without mapping a route, checking for detours or seeing if there's gas in the tank or air in the tires. You with me?

Since I took you guys through the Monday night of it all, I might as well share what happened next so you are fully invested in my preachifying today.

Monday night, after Shawn left, I stewed. And by stewed I mean I stayed up writing the blog post and wondering who I'd pissed off in another life (or this one) to have this level of karmic bounceback in my world. Then I finished writing, said to hell with it and went to sleep. But I woke up at six in the morning and called David. I asked him if he told Shawn it was okay to come over and talk to me. "What are you talking about, Michele?" Oh. That answered that question. I decided to leave well enough alone, "Nothing, David. Have a good day."

Now the rest of the day's events, I had to piece together from various sources. Here's what went down:

7:05am: Byran's wife Jazz reads the blog. She calls Wesley's wife. Wes' wife hands him the printout at the breakfast table. Wes loses his mind.

8 something: Wes has called Bryan and they wonder if they should leave the whole thing alone. Wes checks the blog and Twitter and sees 50 comments/tweets before 8:15am and decides they're are going to have to get into it. 

8:15ish - Bryan calls Trey. Trey calls David. David is not happy. No one can find Shawn and Jay (the closest one to Shawn) is not answering his phone.

By 9:00am Bryan and David have posted responses on the blog and then logged off to find Shawn.

At 10:00am Jay reads the blog and joins the ranks of the unhappy. Jay finds Shawn and asks him to meet him over at David's for lunch. Shawn agrees. (He hasn't read the blog yet)

Round noonish all the Ga Boys are at David's house asking Shawn what he was thinking. It was just supposed to be David, Shawn and Jay but somehow everyone showed up. Shawn read the blog post. He denied that it went down that way. He hinted that I invited him over and then changed my mind. Apparently he used words that weren't appreciated, stepped into someone's personal space and put a finger in someone's face. Punches were thrown. 

Then folks started bringing up historical shenanigans that went down as far back as the 90s. Then everyone got irritated. More punches were thrown. Then folks remembered they were grown and had to go back to work. 

One person got stitches. One person ripped a brand new shirt. Four people got cussed out. One person slept on the couch. Four people called me to apologize (none were named Shawn). 

After hearing about all of this, I got to thinking - so what was gained? Really? What was in Shawn's mind as he climbed in his car and drove to my house? What was the game plan? Best case scenario, I took complete leave of my senses and let him stay, we fell in love and lived happily ever after. (No that was never going to happen) But then what? Did he think that was going to be okay with his best friends? Did he really think I was going for it? And if it was just about some HnQ - was it worth it? Really?

This is why I ask about quarterbacks throwing the ball down field all willy-nilly ignoring the 300  lb linebacker coming for that ass. When you are lying on the field waiting for the stretcher to wheel you off, you wish you'd called a different play. In this here post game wrap up, I have to wonder - doesn't Shawn wish he called a different play?

BougieLand, what say you? Do people leap before they look too often? Are you the sot of person who thinks about the consequences prior to taking action? What would make someone say "to hell with it, I'm doing it anyway?" Please discuss...