Six things I learned from #RNC2012

I watched bits and pieces of the Republican National Convention and I kept waiting. I kept waiting for that light bulb moment when I would finally understand why Mitt Romney was truly a viable candidate for the presidency. Would it shock you to know that the a-ha! moment never came?

But here's what I did learn from the Republicans this week:

1. Truth doesn't matter. Really, all of you fact checking watch dogs out there can just open up margarita huts in the Cayman Islands (next to Romney's bank). You are no longer needed. Apparently, things don't have to be true for you to say them. It's kind of like at a jury trial. Object if you like but as long as the jurors have already heard it...

2. Issues don't matter. One mo' gin, can someone give me the Republican rundown on ANY of the major issues impacting the day-to-day and long-term running of this country? Anyone? Anyone? 

3. Buzzwords = good, Details = bad. Romney detailed outlined PowerPointed his five step "turn the country around" plan but did not deign to back any of it up with details. How are you stimulating trade and ending dependency on foreign oil? Exactly? If he knew, he would tell us right? Or has he adopted an "when you pick me, I'll tell you" strategy?

4. Diversity? We don't need no stinking diversity. Alright now - trotting out Condi, some dude I didn't know, a biracial chick from Utah and having Bebe (serious side-eye to Mr. Winans) sing your closing song does not diversity make. Attendees counted what they described as a "handful" of "diverse" conventioneers. Where was the semblance of inclusion? In Tampa, you couldn't have bussed some folks in and given them a sammich to stand near a camera and pretend they cared? C'mon somebody.

5. Celebrity wins. When the biggest buzzword to come out of your convention is #Eastwooding... you're doing it wrong. I know they hate that Schwarzenegger messed all over Maria, he was their go to celeb for years. When an 82 year old celeb gets more buzz than your nominee? Something ain't right. Say what you want about the dems but we like our Presidents to be on some rock star status. Obeezy, Diamond Bill, LBJ, JFK? (Not Carter so much but darn he's a smart, personable guy)

6. Folks can't separate disagreement from discrimination  One thing the Republicans have got to learn is how to disagree with a policy or an ideal without it sounding like racist hate-speak. It's one thing to be disappointed in Obama because he didn't live up to your expectations but ReThugs had their folks all up in the camera calling him socialist, communist, Muslim, evil spawn of Satan... basically everything but a child of God. That kind of hatemongering always backfires. It takes some time but it always loses in the end. Let's make that happen in November, shall we?

And one more for a bonus-

7. Apparently the USA has left the building. So the country is gone? Who has it? Where did it go? Whose was it to begin with? If "they" didn't want "us" here, why did they bring us? Shouldn't Native Americans be waving this "take back" banner? So many questions, so few answers...

So in essence, I learned nothing about the Republican Party that I didn't already suspect. As soon as the balloon dropped, I ran to and gave up some more dollars. I cannot with the Romney of it all. I. CAN. NOT. 

BougieLand, a few questions - Did anything at the RNC surprise you? Who's looking forward to the DNC next week? What do you expect to see/hear? And it's about that time - what are you doing for Labor Day weekend?