Dear Republicans: Eff You, Pay Me. Love, Women

You know we try to keep it bougie round here put then there comes a time to step up on the soapbox and call bullshiggity. 

I try not to align myself as Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative. I try to take each issue as it stands. But someone has GOT to explain what the hell the Republicans in Congress care about besides removing Obama from office and preserving their trust funds for me.

It's one thing to want to  lock down the borders and frisk people of color randomly. We sort of expect that. It's another thing to not give two shits if anyone has decent healthcare. We kinda knew that was coming too. But when it comes to equal pay for equal work and enforcing that? Well isn't that just common decency? Voting against that is kind of like kicking a (wo)man when she's down, isn't is? That's on some shiggity level right there.

Having served my time in H.R. over the past two decades, I have seen a lot of compensation disparity. A. Lot. A. Lot. A. Lot. And nothing infuriates me more than seeing two people who are at the same level with the same seniority and doing the same job at the same proficiency not being compensated in the same manner. When the only noticeable difference is that one of them pees standing up? That makes me absolutely crazy.

So as I'm reading these trifling "so-called" justifications for why not a single GOP'er voting for this addendum to the Equal Pay Act, I'm positively steaming. This wage-bias bill would have opened up new avenues for women to seek justice in wage discrimination cases. 

I have to wonder - do the Republicans just not care about the female vote? Or the "anyone under middle class" vote? Or the African-American vote? Someone please explain this strategy in an election year. I'm betwixt and befuddled. The floor is yours...