Summer Heat, Anniversaries and Black Bloggers

You know it's hot in Texas when you have to escape to Florida to get a breeze. BougieMom and I are chilling in Fort Lauderdale for a few days visiting BougieSis. Also my godparents, who are some of the most marvelous people on the planet, are here to celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary. Fifty-one years?! Can you even imagine? On top of that, they still really not only love each other but like each other. How much awesomeness is that?

Thursday, I'll be heading north to attend the Blogging while Brown convention in Philadelphia. Looking forward to putting a lot of names/Twitter handles with faces there. From there, I'll be back in Dallas for a few days then it's off to Houston for the National Black Book Festival. H-town, I'm thinking cocktails the evening of Saturday the 8th. Stay tuned.

We're doing a wonderful thing at the "keep the lights on" job called Summer Hours. That's every Monday off from now through Labor Day. Cheers for the three-day weekends! I can get my 2012 release publicized and my 2013 release written. 

In between all that, I'll be heading to Punta Mita, Mixico for some R&R in June and back to celebrate BougieMom's 80th birthday in early July. It's shaping up to be quite the summer.

BougieLand, what do you have planned for this summer?