Hashtag Wednesday - #WordsForthePresident

BougieSis attended an event for the President yesterday. [Yes, I'm hatin!] Food and beverage was served, John Legend performed and the Prez wowed the crowd with his usual flawless delivery. She did not get a chance to speak with him personally but I wondered... what to say if you have one moment to speak with President Obama? 

Hence today's hashtag: #WordsforthePresident.

Mine? "Feel free to kick Romney's ass" - no? 
or "Can you Seal Team Six George Zimmerman?"
or "Good looking out on the equal pay for women thing."
or "Please visit Black 'n Bougie dot com"
Clearly, I have no clue what I would say once I got over the urge to squeal. "You totally rock!"

What say you? If you had that moment, what would your #WordsforthePresident be?