Ask a Bougie Chick: Which guy is the one for me?

I'm way behind on answering these Ask a Bougie Chick questions so I thought we'd play some catch up this week. First up comes from a 29-year old woman who is struggling with a dilemma most ladies would be glad to have. She's dating two guys she likes and now she needs to decide between the two of them.

Hi Ms. Michele,
Wondering if you can just give me an opinion on something? I imagine myself to be a little bit like you- kinda bougie but not obnoxious with it. Educated, professional and know what I want in life. I'm very fortunate to have met two men that I like very much. They've both known about each other from the start but now after about five or six months of seeing them both, they have indicated and I agree that in order to move forward with one or the other, I have to chose.

They are both great guys but very different. One, I'll call him Allen, is kind of buttoned up. He went to college, came from a solid family background. He works in corporate America and is very traditional in his thinking about his career, gender roles, everything. I'm making him sound boring but he's not. The other guy, I'll call him Barry, is more of a self-made guy. His aunt raised him, he didn't go to college but he owns a company that is very successful. He is not predictable and a lot less structured in his life plans and expectations.

I have great chemistry with both. I enjoy spending time with both. I think they both speak to different sides of me. I don't know how to choose, any suggestions?
-Lana in Minneapolis

Hey Lana! All due respect but you do know. Somewhere inside you know which one you see yourself with for the long haul. But okay, let's assume you don't and you are truly torn. This is a classic dilemma that I (someone who creates male prototypes for entertainment) call Navy Polo vs. Black T-shirt. Not to be confused with Preston (White Button Down) or Pookie (White Tee) those are the extremes on the spectrum.

Navy Polo guy is corporate, drives a sensible car (Honda/Acura/BMW), and wants a house in the suburbs. He rocks a navy polo shirt with khakis and loafers well. Black T-shirt is entrepreneurial, has a sports car and/or a motorcycle and lives in a condo or loft in the city. He rocks a tight black tee, jeans and aviator sunglasses well. There's nothing wrong with either of these guys. One is a little predictable, one is a little more edgy. So what do you really want?

I tend to prefer a dude who can rock both. I like the boughetto blend. Which one of these guys can roll with all of you not just the parts you are currently choosing to share? Let us know how it turns out.

Bouginistas - what say you to Lana? Are we getting the whole story here? Ever had this kind of "who should I choose" dilemma? Gents, are you more Allen or Brian? Ladies, which would you prefer? Thoughts, comments, insights.