I fully endorse #NewBlackHistoryMonth

Let's face it, this Black History Month sucked. It was not uplifting, rejoicing or affirming. In fact it was depressing, disheartening and disappointing. Our people went missing, died too soon, cut a fool on nationwide tv, got suspended, slandered and dissed, lost awards, and oh yes... this happened:

For those of you clueless (as was I), this is singer Jaheim at Whitney's funeral looking like an extra from The Wiz and apparently begging Jesus to either 1) let him in the church since we're sure he wasn't invited or 2) bring back Whitney who would slap that royal blue monstrosity right off of him. If we can't count on folks to act right at a black funeral, all hope is lost. 

Lookie here, let's not pretend that we don't get short changed on Black History Month anyway. It's the shortest month, there are two holidays in it and it usually takes us a week to figure out where all of our "special programming" has been banished to on the seven channels that care enough to express a damn. (Thanks BIO and PBS!) Companies roll out a commercial two generally featuring MLK and a flickering candle (Coca-Cola, it's time for a new commercial celebrating blackness... please!) and call it a wrap.

I mean it's not like we're expecting reparations in February or anything but could we get more than a documentary or two? I don't know, how about a discount or rebate for persons of African descent who file their taxes in February? Maybe Oprah could sponsor more chicken coupons... (yes, I'm pursing my lips and rolling my eyes hard) Maybe Hollywood could greenlight some films and TV shows created by folks whose last names don't rhyme with airy? These are just a few suggestions.

Anywho... this year, there's a grassroots movement afoot to reboot the Black History Month franchise and snag us a redo for the year 2012. Months proposed are July and August. Why? So that we can make it an official BBQ holiday of course. You know it's not really a celebration until coals get lit.

We could use this reset to do more than talk about Martin Luther the King and slavery, don't you think? Who's with me on exploring more "every day man" experiences from the richness of the diaspora? BougieLand, who thought Black History Month was a wash this year? Who generally ignores it every year? What is something you'd like to see celebrated and/or highlighted as part of #NewBlackHistoryMonth? Do share...