#SafeHouse is pure action - A Bougie Movie Review

If you like nonstop action with a moral to the story? This is your movie. 

Denzel plays the sympathetic villain, Tobin Frost, with full gusto. He's an anti-hero. Complicated and weary before trying to do the right thing (sort of). You are in turn horrified, fascinated, bewildered and in awe of Tobin as you struggle to figure out what he is doing and why. You find yourself looking for reasons to like the diabolical and driven Frost even when he's doing something hateful. I'm sure this is supposed to be a vehicle for Ryan Reynolds but really, it's Denzel's movie that insert young likeable white guy here appears in. 

Chase scenes, explosions, and gun battles flow seamlessly in this well-penned tale with the breathtakingly beautiful back drop of South Africa thrown in for good measure. (Capetown has moved up my list of Places to See) There is not a moment to catch your breath with this fast paced plot. In fact there were times when I was holding my breath. The minute you relax, the action ramps back up. You literally spend the entire movie wondering "how are they going to get out of this"? 

If you are squeamish about blood and high body count - this is not your movie. It's not a family film. Someone brought their baby to the theater and after the 120th gunshot, that baby was like, "This is some shiggity, yo! Where the dancing penguins at?" Okay actually, the baby started wailing and was so inconsolable they had to take him out of there. I just translated for you.  Who brings a baby to a shoot-em-up movie? Moving on...

Mr. Reynolds still needs to work on bringing some depth and dimension to his acting. But of course, next to Denzel - he just had to hold his own. The screenwriters played off this "old pro vs new kid" vibe with a few scenes where the youngster was clearly out of depth both in and on the film. Sam Shepard plays a grizzled CIA director quite aptly. A very well done plot twist has you wondering who knows what and who are the real villains?

There were also a few "suspension of disbelief" moments for the purists out there. Yeah, I'm not sure who really stops to call their boo in the middle of gun battle central. Also there's a moment when someone is critically wounded without a car miles from Capetown and somehow ends up somewhere unlikely where he is magically not only unscathed but no worse for wear. Really? A-ight den.

All in all I give this movie 4 out 5 stars. The ending was kinda meh but after all the fireworks, you still felt somewhat vindicated. Action junkies & Denzel fans - hie thee to this one! (btw - if this how they get down at CIA safe houses? I do. not. want.)