Be yo' own damn Valentine first... please

Whew! There's a lot of bitterness towards Cupid in these streets. Folks just railing away about love gone awry, being led astray, torn asunder and what not. Alright, we get it - it's hard out here. Finding and keeping "good love" is truly the pursuit of a lifetime. 

It's tough and then those darned Romans who felt the need to make a festival for every damn thing, decided to celebrate a group of Christian martyrs - one of whom may have been named Valentinus and 1600 years later it has devolved into the red and pink pressure cooker of a spectacle that is today. (How it came to be about romantic love and a chubby baby wielding a lethal weapon, I'll never understand)

I think we can all agree that Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that is doing the most. This whole glorification of romance has gotten uber-commercialized along the way. People set expectations, people get depressed, people cut a fool - it's a mess out there. The pressure to have a date/be in love/be in a relationship/be validated by flower delivery/the list goes on... it's real and so unnecessary. Some make the most of the day, some crumble under the pressure, others dodge it all together. The number of Twitter announcements screaming "My s/o broke up with me the day before Valentine's Day" yesterday was ridiculous. Breaking up with your boo to get out of Valentine's Day is so damn ratchet, people. 

Oh and fellas, please stop acting like the ladies are the only ones pressed about Valentine's Day. Some of your brethren are flagrant with the thirst out here on these innanets. Eau de Desperation is not sexy on anybody. Chill  out. 

So maybe you have a Valentine, maybe you don't. (Maybe yours is 7000 miles away :-/) Either way, this year - how about you love you some you first? There's a Valentine that always knows what you want before you even speak. Pick yourself up a little something nice for dinner and raise a toast to another year with someone who truly cares about you. There are worst things to be than single, good people. Get through the day with a smile (and a sip or two if needed). Tomorrow, you'll still be you and you should okay with that.

Thoughts, comments, insights?