Ask a Bougie Chick - What is wrong with these women?

In today's episode of Ask a Bougie Chick - we have a classic example of projection and deflection. I'll let you read this without further ado...
I was told about a year ago to read your blog to "gather more insight on women" so maybe that says something about me from the get go. But anyway, after reading your posts and reading the majority of the comments, it seems to me like my original supposition was correct. 
Take you for instance, from all accounts, you're a decent looking woman with a lot of stuff on the ball but your standards for your man are so high you are over 40 and not married. That's the entire problem right there and I would submit that you are simply perpetuating the problem.
Women are expecting to get way more than they give. As you say, I call bullshiggity on that. I don't understand what's wrong with these women. Particularly black women. Yeah, I said it. 
They seem to expect that a man make six figures, come straight home and swing long d**k all night long. If there's a minute in between, a guy is supposed to sit up and listen to them talk about whatever. It's too much. 
These women don't cook, they don't take care of themselves and they talk too much. I just want a quiet, professionally employed Christian woman with a decent shape and a nice personality. You know the combination, beauty, bedroom beast, brains for days. Is that too much to ask?  
Before you start, I know you are going to ask what I bring to the table? I'm tall, good looking, smart, well paid, degreed and church going. I'm that dude the women are looking for. So why can't I find what I'm looking for? 
Try not to beat on me too much, I"m just being honest based on what I see. 
-T in ATL
When you write in nonsense like this, you may call me Ms. Grant. :-/ I feel like once a year I get one of these letters from gents such as yourself. SwearforeGod this is the last of these that I will answer. Someone (I'm assuming a woman) told you to read this blog over a year ago and I must assume that not a lot has sunk in. As to your questions - There's a long scathing answer and there's a short answer. I'll give you something in between the two:

Is this about me or is this about you? Because I, me, myself, personally - always give as good as I get. I'm in a happy place so I'm going to skip that one paragraph you squeezed in there. Not. Taking. The. Bait.

Nor am I going to share the smackdown I could commence on your tired recycled meme of "black women ain't about ish" - sir, I will say this instead - do better. If you keep meeting women who aren't up to your standards is the problem with them or with you? What's the common denominator? But you say the women want too much? What is it they think you are lacking, I wonder?

So what you are saying is that you are ALL that and these foolhardy women out here ain't about shiggity. You are seriously telling me you can't find a "good woman" to date in Atlanta, Georgia. Seriously? Have several seats, sir.  ~M

BougieLand, talk to T for me... please.