Tonight! Catch me & @CarolynEdgar on The Return of BnB Radio

Have you missed us? Me and @CarolynEdgar are back this evening at 9:00pm central/10:00pm eastern with chatter, opinions and more chatter. Depending on time, we're going to talk about something we call Opportunistic Infidelity and why we call bullshiggity on it. We're going to talk about Why the GOP Doesn't Care About Black People and why they really should. We'll ask the question - why is someone calling FLOTUS an "Angry Black Woman" and why that's slapworthy. If time permits, we'll talk about the upcoming movie Red Tails and speculate on why Blue Ivy has folks heated.

Join us! You can catch us on the web (we'll have a chat window open) or dial in and talk to us at (347) 884-8748. If you miss it, the broadcast will be available for listen and download on iTunes, on the BnB site or on the BlogTalk Radio site. Hope to see you there!