Three Wishes

I blame Jayme for the lateness of this post. I actually had three posts half-written until she called and got me sucked into one of her "What would you do?" game. When she does family counseling, she uses an icebreaker where she tells each member of the family to wish for three things. They write them down, put them in a box and then she pulls them out and the whole family tries to guess whose wish it was. 

This led to us having a genie-in-the-bottle discussion. If you had three wishes just for yourself and couldn't wish for more wishes - what would you wish for?

I grappled around with wishes for acceptance of circumstance, tolerance of others, unshakeable faith, a size four body and an unlimited shoe budget. I got maudlin wishing for one more conversation with my father who would no doubt be displeased to interrupt his heavenly rest to come down here and chat with me about nonsense. I thought about peace on earth but thought that might be too much for a genie to deal with. After much debate, I landed on 1) Health 2)Happiness 3)Wisdom. 

So BougieLand - What What You Do? If you had three wishes that could only be used for yourself and you can't ask for more wishes... what would you wish for? Do share...