The Hardest Thing About Relationships...

The s/o called last Wednesday and said he and the fellas were heading to New Orleans. Awesome. I was in Florida soaking up sun. I was totally cool right up until the moment the phone rang Saturday and dude said they decided to stay one more night. But... wait. It was New Year's Eve. Our first New Year's Eve together. "Are you cool with that?"

"Um, not really." Why would I be okay to spend that night apart? Especially knowing he's heading to Spain in a week or so and will miss my birthday. I felt my temper going on simmer.

Who made this decision? Shawn. After I announced that I hoped Shawn would be cuddled up next to him at midnight, I hung up. I was tart. I mean, really? New Year's Eve? With the fellas? Nah son. So after fuming about it (tweeting about it), I called back. And made my displeasure known. Vehemently. I might have been on full boil.

Him: "So... it's not okay. Got it."

None of these dudes thought this through. Bryan's wife had sent the kids to her mother's house and had "plans" for her husband, it was Joy's first NYE with Jay, Wes' wife don't play like that. 

Not only had these geniuses let Shawn talk them into pissing off s/o's, they'd changed their flights and couldn't get a flight out for Saturday. Next thing I knew, Dude David was in a rental car motoring north with the guys along for the ride. They made it into Dallas before midnight.

Oh, I don't blame Shawn. These are grown assed men who collectively lost their minds for a minute. As Jay shuffled out of the house with Joy's six inch pump somewhere near his hindparts, he muttered, "Relationships are hard." Yes they are. Especially if you make them so.

So today, something interactive. Fill in the Blank:

The hardest thing about relationships is _______________. Here's my list for now:

1. Making sure sure everyone's priorities are aligned.
2. Keeping well-meaning friends out of the middle.
3. Learning to shake off momentary stupidity when you really want to harp on it.

Now you... fill in the blank. What do you think is the hardest thing about relationships?