BougieNation at a glance - Wrapping up 2011

It's time for our annual look back. What did we like, what did we learn, what do we look like - the entire demographic.  We had 272 posts this year and over 30,000 comments. Close to 1000 of you took the time to answer the survey. You are appreciated! Let's get it started with the most basic information.

We picked up 2% more men this year. We do love the fellas. 

We also aged. Last year the average age was age 37.2 years of age. This year we're almost 40. By the way, whoever the 14 year old is that answered the survey? Nah, young un - come back in four years. To the 75-year old - that's awesome. Speak up and say hey. We are evenly spread out across our 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s for the most part.

We lost our Asian contingent this year but were represented among all other races. We do, however, remain predominantly black and bougie.

We're still global! Almost the exact same country breakdown as last year:

Our largest US readership is in Texas and New York.

We did pick up a reader in Idaho but we lost our three readers in South Dakota. No one can skip over to Mt. Rushmore and read some bouge?

You all liked or loved almost everything this year but the hands down favorite posts this year? The Bougie Bachelor/Bachelorette Chronicles.

You would like to read more stories about:
We also had a lot of requests to hear more from Dr. Jayme. We'll see if we can get a regular column out of her this year. You still don't love my music shout outs or my movie reviews but you like when I pontificate on the random. Bless ya'lls hearts. 

We didn't have any suspensions this year but we did forcibly eject two people from BougieLand, never to be heard from again. 

The comments waxed and waned this year. Sometimes you were feeling it, sometimes you weren't. Either way, we generally had a good time. So out of all those 30,000 comments - who was our favorite BnB commenter?

Riley. Hands down. To the two ladies who asked for his phone number - the man is on Twitter. Get your DM mojo working and holla. Second fave was TiffanyNHouston. Followed by Cali & Roz tied for 3rd and AGrownAzzMan 4th & JaymeC 5th. We did have two people overwhelmingly voted least favorite and I'll reach out to both of them directly. Moving on...

This year's top 10 posts were:

In addition to the Bougie Bachelor and Bachelorette Chronicles, the other favorites "theme weeks" were Online Dating, Is It Wrong, After The Broom and Lessons Learned week.

The most Tweeted/Posted on FaceBook posts where the posts on Jalen vs. Grant, Alpha Females/Males and Ginger White. Interesting, don't you think?

It's been a good one. More to come! What do you think about the results? Any surprises? Thoughts, comments, insights?