Bougie Bachelor Chronicles - Twitter troubles

Le Dude has a crew of guys here in Dallas that he knows from his Georgia days. Some were his line brothers, others they adopted to the crew along the way. We've come to call the main group of six the Georgia Boys. David found BougieLand first and then joined Twitter. Trey followed and eventually Jay, Shawn, Wes and Bryan followed suit.

When all of the Georgia Boys joined Twitter, they thought it would be a fun way to keep up with each other and folks they'd met on the Innanets. There were some growing pains - they had to learn the difference between what you text and what you tweet. There was a learning curve about how to check and reply to DMs. (Some of them are still challenged.) There were rules of engagement about how much to share and what to keep to yo' damn self. Others realized that alcohol and Twitter are a dangerous combination. And some were slower to understand that what happens on Twitter is pretty much broadcast out into the world forever. Forever ever? Forever ever.

So right after the New Year's Eve debacle where we all very publicly tweeted our displeasure with each other, we had a CTJ (Come to Jesus) meeting about how Twitter will forevermore be used amongst us. (respectfully with discretion and humor) At some point during that discussion - it was discovered that three of the Georgia Boys were semi-sort of hollering at the same chick in DMs. Two of them were in trouble for tweeting foolishness that their wives read. Another realized that his boss was following him and reading every word. Another found out that a girl he had broken up with (and considered taking out a restraining order against) was following him under an alias. Whelp!

Now these are smart guys but somehow sitting behind a keyboard in an open forum things got complicated. It was decided that perhaps a period of reflection would be in order? A review of what works and what does not? They decided to self-suspend for 30 days. The suspension lifts tomorrow. Welcome the wiser Georgia Boys back to Twitlandia.

BougieLand - are folks less careful on forums like Twitter than they are in real life? Do you pay attention to the people that follow you? Have you ever been involved in some Twitter drama. And any words of advice for the fellas? Do share...