Survey says... Answers from the Good Morning poll

Last week, we took a poll to talk about the first thing on your mind when you wake up. It just occurred to me that it would be interesting to follow this up with a "last thought on your mind" before you go to sleep survey. Hmm. 

Anyway, as of this morning 308 people had taken the survey. Awesomeness. Here's how it broke down:

191 women and 117 men took the survey. Look at the fellas stepping up! The age ranges broke down as follows:

As suspected, most of BougieLand falls between 25 and 45 years of age. [Pause while blogger resists the urge to say something cute about being grown 'n sexy. Oh see what I did there?] 

Respondents had an opportunity to choose up to 3 answers each. Here's how that turned out (click to enlarge):

The most popular choice?

We like to get our zzz's on here in BougieLand. A few interesting trends. One for the fellas:

Sleep, bathroom, cocoa for the fellas. And the ladies say:

Sleep, the day's schedule and bathroom for the ladies. What we all care about least first thing in the morning?

Current events. Only four percent give it a thought. 

Thanks to all who participated! For those that love the surveys, it's almost that time again. State of the Bougie Union, the year end wrap up, is right around the corner. What will be the most popular post of the year? Who was the most prolific commenter? In preparation, next week - we'll do some follow-up on our Ask A Bougie Chick participants. Where are they now? Stay tuned!