Could you... "Ginger White" yourself? (Out your own ratchetness)

I'm not sitting in judgment of Ginger White. I'm not even sure she's telling the truth. Nor do I 100% gibbadam. Herman "Candy" Cain was never going to be my candidate. (Never. Ever.) But let's say she is speaking true for the sake of this post. According to multiple sources, Ginger is a single mom, a former businesswoman who has been evicted from her home, filed for bankruptcy, been accused of stalking, sued someone (not Cain) for sexual harassment and lost a libel suit. Judgment aside, the fact is her life appears to be a hot mess. 

So why add to the hot messiness by claiming a 13-year affair with a married man who is allegedly running for President? This is one of those things that make you say "Hmmm."

A few thoughts before I make my point...
1) Thirteen years is not casual. That's not an affair. That's a second family.
2) Ginger had to know that by going public her entire life would be dissected for widespread consumption & speculation
3) What are these chicks seeing in Uncle Hermy that I'm not? Eww. And. Ick.

Moving on... I've got some ratchet in my historical closet and I'm taking most of that ish to da grave, ya heard? You will not be catching Michele on a talk show couch admitting to X, Y, or Z. In fact, unless someone can prove ratchety allegations about me? I will deny, deny, deny. Come at me Horatio Caine (not Herman Cain) style and maybe (just maybe) I'll admit that it was me.

What good comes of these public confessions? Are mistresses everywhere in a better place because Ging got a conscience? Are politicians and public figures going to stop extra-marital fornication in fear of getting Gingered? I just wonder why anyone would go on national TV and open up all their sintasticness (thanks @ShawnSoze for the word) for the world to see?

So I wonder, if it came down to it - could I out my own ratchetassness the way Ginger White did? She admitted that there was nothing admirable about her confession or her life struggles. So why tell it? Because, in her words, she doesn't feel that "Herman Cain is fit to be President." But Ginger - we already knew that sweetheart. So unless someone is buying you a house and replenishing your 401(k), your dirty laundry airing was for naught. As for me, I couldn't do it. 

Tell me BougieLand, could you "Ginger White" yourself? [Ginger-Whiting is my new favorite term for people who drop dime on themselves] Does it really serve the greater good to do so? And seriously, aren't some things just better kept in the back of the closet buried under leg warmers and parachute pants? Please discuss...