Bougie Bachorette Chronicles - That #$%! bracelet

Who recalls the story of The Bracelet? Long story short, after the breakup with Dude Formerly Known as New (DFKN), he revealed that he had purchased a bracelet for me which his ex- and now current wife found. He offered to send it to me, I declined and he gave it to her with some elaborate tale of bullshiggity about how it was mean for her all along. When last I spoke with her (at a Whole Foods), she took great delight in waving that black diamond bracelet in my face.

All caught up? Okay... so now - what am I to think when I go to my p.o. box, pick up my packages and open one with DFKN's return name address on it. Monsieur Le Ninja was with me and already irritated (whole other post) so when I opened it and the infamous bracelet was inside? Let's just say... it wasn't a good moment. 

Along with the bracelet was a handwritten letter. Several pages in length. 

So what to do? Especially with Le Ninja standing on my shoulder sending me laser beam side-eye. Hmmm. Read the letter? Keep the bracelet? Send it back, burn the letter? A combination? 

Curiosity got the better of me. I opened the letter and read the first line, "You've probably guessed from seeing the bracelet that my marriage fell apart. I know you're not surprised but I really wanted to give it another shot and make it work this time. You were right all along and I should've played this whole situation differently..." That was enough for me. I ditched the letter, stuffed the bracelet back in the box and stepped up to the counter to ship it back. 

The whole time, the heat from Le Ninja's glare was singeing me from the left. When we got back to the car he asked, "So if I wasn't standing there, what would you have done?" With an eyeroll I answered, "The exact same thing."

Who is surprised that DFKN is getting divorced? What's it going to take to kill that bracelet (and all it stands for) dead for once and for all? Holiday TapBack, anyone? Comments, thoughts, insights?