Run your race, boo

Subtitled - stop worrying about why hoes get chose and why men (who act like) d*cks get the chicks.

I know, I know. Why in the world are chicks who have been passed around more than ganja at a reggae concert winning? They aren't - it just looks that way. And some of ya'll are mad as hell about it.

Why do guys with the emotional depth of a Kmart kiddie pool stay pulling five star women? There's pulling and there's keeping but you rarely hear that part of the story. And some of ya'll are bitter as hell about it.

It really only appears that nice girls and nice guys finish last out here in the relationship hustle. Goodness knows every time I've seen some random ratchet chick booed up with a guy I thought was a catch, I shake my head in confusion. I stay confused by skanky reality chicks that we know have been around the block so much that the block is named after them who appear to come out ahead in the game of love. Not that men and women of dubious background, nature and redeeming social value don't deserve love. Sure they do. It's just hard to see raggedy folks getting their happy while less raggedy folks take up Xbox and knitting. 

But anyone who has ever run track (or dated others who ran track or even watched track once) will tell you that the coaches all say the same thing - don't worry about who else is on the track, you run your race. We need to apply this principle in the relationship struggle. Instead of chicks trying to be more and more outrageous or guys deciding to act hard and play games - everybody should take a breath and just be true to themselves. 

I guarantee ladies, you do NOT want that guy who is out there booing up any damn body... at least not until he grows up and knows better. I promise you men, you do not want the girl who'll date a man who treats her any old kinda way.... at least not until she wakes up and know better. You getting my drift?

Stop worrying about who's with who and who ended up with who you thought you wanted. Life is a marathon not a sprint. Stretch, hydrate and get back out there. 

BougieLand, do you think we can get beyond the thought that "hoes stay winning"? I think the fact that we're calling them hoes keeps them losing, don't you? Can we get beyond the thought that "good guys finish last"? As long as you finish, do really care? Thoughts, comments, musings or anecdotes?