Indecent Proposal: WWYD?

Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson are in love. Super-duty, can't breathe without you in my oxygen space love. One problem - they are broke. Eviction notice broke. In a stroke of brilliance (side-eye),  they decide to pool the last of their resources and head to Vegas. After all, it's so easy to gamble and win your entire house note in one weekend. (strategic pause) 

Anywho, they start off winning and then... shocker! They lose everything. Enter uber-wealthy, somewhat lecherous gajillionare Robert Redford who falls in instant lust with Demi. The man who can have anyone he wants just happens to want Woody's wife. So put yourself in this situation:

You and your s/o are secure in every area of your relationship except finances. The money struggle is overwhelming and overshadowing everything else. On a crazy Vegas weekend, a billionaire offers you $10 million (I bumped for inflation) for one night with your s/o. It's just one night and all your financial worries are over. Small problem: That one night is anything goes... anything.

Readers, would you "allow" your spouse/significant other to sleep with someone else for massive financial gain? Could you ever get past it? Could you do it if you were the chosen one? And before you scream "hell naw!" let me ask this? Is there a dollar amount that sways your answer one way or another? What if it was $100 million dollars -then what? Do tell...