What would you do? The communication dilemma

A few questions for you from the readership. You answer and then we'll take a deep dive into it tomorrow. The scenarios:

Case One:
It's date number five. Guy and girl are having a great night out. Drinking happens. Loose lips happen. The girl ends up oversharing and tells guy something she would never share under sober circumstances. The next morning she doesn't remember saying it. He is a little freaked out and wonders - do I tell her that I know this? And then what do I do with it? What would you do?

Case Two:
Guy and girl have been going out for a few months. Girl tells guy she's not getting enough from him communication wise. She says he tells her more in texts and email than he does face to face. She also says she wants to hear from him more often. He talks to her at least once a day, they go out at least once a week. He wonders how much more is enough. She's frustrated, he's frustrated? What would you do?

BougieLand, what would you do and what would you tell them to do? Or are they the same thing? Please discuss, the floor is yours.