Should political differences be a deal breaker?

I was chilling at a party at JohnK's new house this weekend. I'm going to let him guest post about the shenanigans that went on there (to a point) and concentrate on one potential hook up that went wrong.

I sat and watched a guy and a girl playing the game for a few hours. It was like watching a romantic comedy. She walked in, he did a double take, she saw him looking and did the hair flip. They circled the bar and the TV room once before sitting down next to each other. The giggling, the joke-telling, the "OMG, I love pizza and pop music too!" conversation... priceless to watch.

The pheromones were flying around these two. Someone started taking bets as to how long it would be until they left the party together. It was all good times until someone brought up gas prices. Which lead to a discussion on the economy... which lead to a discussion about Obama. Ruh-roh. Turns out dude worked on Obama's campaign and girlie voted for McCain. And wants Michelle Bachmann to win in 2012. During a lull in conversation she announced that "Bachmann/Perry would be a great ticket."

**crickets** Bless her heart. To each his own, I guess? 

But dude looked at her like she suddenly grew horns and swore allegiance to Lucifer. (Then again Rick Perry is the devil... never mind) He jumped up, mumbled something about going to the kitchen and never returned. Girlie was devastated. "So I'm a Republican, is that so bad?" She asked the room at large. I didn't say anything. I don't know why political affiliations were exchanged before phone numbers but maybe that's me.

I was in the unfortunate situation of trying to date an Obama hater. It wasn't so much that dude hated Obama, it was that he was intolerant of any view dissimilar to his own. Life is too short for that level of intolerance. So for me, the extreme right wingism wasn't the only reason to cut him loose it was the last straw on a tall pile.

BougieLand, I ask you - could you date someone who didn't share your political affiliations/beliefs? Who radically opposed them? Is that something you can overlook for the good of the relationship? A guy once told me he couldn't date a woman who didn't vote - what do you think about that? Should politics be on your relationship deal breaker list? The floor is yours.