Obama done you wrong? I feel bad for you, son...

An Open Letter...

Hey there, disgruntled citizen! I saw you on the news, internet, blogosphere going in on how Obama personally let you down. You are so disillusioned, disappointed, disheartened at the direction he's taking this country. You are tired of all those pretty speeches and promissory notes and you either want him to straighten up and do the right thing or just get out of the way and let someone else handle it. I hear you, I hear you loud and clear.

Now hear me. 

Maybe your issue is that he hasn't done enough for black people, kindly have several seats. He is the President of the entire United States, not just the chocolate inhabitants. Did you think once he got into office, we were all going to get "da hook-up"? Please detail what more you would like him to do and how exactly you would like him to get that done working with the Congress he's stuck with. And then allow me to point out that if you think he isn't doing enough??? Wait till you see what you get out of Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Romney, whoever. 

Maybe your issue is that he hasn't worked hard enough to change/pass/update insert your legislative concern here. Please review my statement about Congress to issue #1 above and carry on.

Maybe your issue is that he's not bowing down to kiss your ass, inviting you to the White House, or letting you hang out with the cool kids? (Yes, this is massive shade being thrown in the direction of Tavis and Cornel) Well, not everybody gets a beer summit. If this is the burr in your blanket, you need better people. Or better yet, why don't you do something so awesomely useful and motivating that he has to acknowledge your sheer greatness? I'll wait.

Maybe your issue is that he's black, articulate, intelligent and not scared of you. All I can tell you is that haterade is not attractive. 

Maybe your issue is that you thought things would be better under his regime and they just aren't (for you). Yes, here is where I drag out the "who got us into this mess in the first place" argument. Here is where I give you the side-eye and wonder if you thought he had a magic wand, crystal ball or some pixie dust hidden behind his back. He's out there stumping like a bible salesman to create some jobs, he's fighting like a tired welterweight against heavy hitters trying to fix the economy, he's hustling like Pookie on the corner at the first of the month... what more do you want him to do?

Maybe you have some other issue that I don't care know enough about. I was taught that when presenting a problem, you also must present a solution. Do you have one? Care to share? And get it funded? And approved by a Congress that would rather see you fail than see America prosper? I'll wait.

Clearly, I'm #TeamObeezy but I do realize he's not perfect. For all his imperfections, missteps and miscues - I still believe at the bottom of it all that he has this country's bests interests at heart. Can you honestly say that about any of the GOP contenders? (Can you say hidden agenda, turn the clock back, hide your children? I know I can)

I had the pleasant experience of someone disagreeing with me on Twitter yesterday. I thought Florida displayed an extraordinary amount of crazy for selecting Herman Cain as a viable candidate in a straw poll. This person said I was angry because I couldn't shout racism and suggested that I go die in a fire. (He really did, and hashtagged it - #dieinafire) And that right there is what I'm talking about. When folks on the left get ticked off we whine and pout and act like Obama skipped out on a scheduled play date (Maxine). When folks on the right get slightly threatened they start reaching for kerosene. Alright, that's a sweeping generalization but you get my drift.

I feel like half of America is treating Obama like a new husband. They loved the courtship, the build-up, the promises and the ceremony was breathtaking. But now that they've been in this for a few years, they're mad he doesn't take out the garbage or mow the lawn. And that's all they can focus on. Never mind that he's trying to build a new house from the ground up, cleaned up the neighborhood and took on the bullies from across the street. So what are you gong to do - trade him in for a new one? Think the next guy is going to do better? Think long and hard on that one.

And in case you're wondering what Obama has done for you lately? Check out a list of the campaign promises he has kept so far. (Just imagine what he could do with some support!)

In closing, I will quote from the Book of Obeezy, CBC edition: "Shake it off. Stop complainin'. Stop grumblin'. Stop cryin'. We are going to press on. We have work to do."