It's that time again... Fall TV premiere week

I can't do it this year, ya'll. I can't. Year after year, I get all excited about new shows and the possibility of more than two black fleeting faces in support roles. The only show I will absolutely commit to this year is The Good Wife. Okay, I'll probably watch Boardwalk Empire too. As for the new shows? I haven't been paying too much attention.

I notice there is a fresh crop of "strong white female" cop shows a la The Closer. I hate when Hollywood takes one good idea and runs it into the ground. Nor will I be watching Broke Chicks, Whitney or New Girl. I'm not totally against White Chick Angst Disguised As Comedy shows but someone would have to sell me on them first.

Here are two new offerings from ABC:

There's a new Charlie's Angels:

Kerry Washington comes to TV in a Shonda Rhimes' (Grey's) vehicle, Scandal:

Thoughts? What are we watching this season and why? What looks good?