Dating Up - A Bougie Bachelor Chronicle

Hey everybody, this is David. Sometimes referred to as 3N, Le Ninja Nouveau, Batman and Studmuffin. No? Not studmuffin? I'm being censored as I type. Long story short, I am he who dates her. La Contessa de Bouge. I'm proud to say we'll hit the eight month mark in about a week. Time flies when you're having the time of your life.

Since I'm boarding a plane headed to China Friday afternoon and I won't be around for a while; I was coerced decided to write my one and only Bougie Bachelor post. So here goes.

First, a little bit about me. I'm from a small town in Southern Georgia. I'm the youngest of five, the only boy and I was an angel growing up. (That's my story, doubt me.) My parents were solidly middle class and raised us with an emphasis on education and academic excellence, an old school work ethic and what I can only describe as "down home" values. I was raised to be a Southern gentleman. Not sure I've always succeeded there, but for the most part, I've tried.

When I first moved away from home I had a life plan. I was going to finish college, get an MBA, and then meet Mrs. Chase, buy a house, two cars, settle down, have two kids and retire at forty. I'm thirty-six. I have the MBA, the house and the cars. Working on the rest. 

No doubt that looking back, I was so proud of what I'd accomplished that it never occurred to me to do more. Professionally and personally. Things (okay women) have generally come easy to me. There's probably some great saying about how things that come easy aren't really appreciated. What I didn't know then that I definitely know now... it's okay to reach beyond the stratosphere especially in your relationships. It's okay to work really harder than you've ever worked in your life for it. 

When I first started reading this blog, I was kind of intrigued by the mind behind it. I can say with about 70% honesty that I was drawn in by the brain before I saw the beauty. I'll never be sure how much the opportunity to meet her weighed into my decision to move to Dallas. But I do know that once I met her, I went borderline stalker in my quest. The woman is not easy but nothing worth having ever is.

What I'm saying to you, fellow Bougie Bruhs - date up. Find someone smarter, better-looking, more articulate, deeper-thinking, bigger-dreaming, more creative than you ever plan on being. Then make sure she gets that you are none of those things but have her back. If she still decides to put up with you, then fight like hell to keep her. (Something I have to figure out how to do from 7000 miles away) Just trust me on this, the journey is worth it. Even when it's a steep uphill climb. Not liking that? Even when the road gets rocky. How's that?

That's it, that's all the brilliance I have to share without getting filleted in my sleep emo. Keep an eye on Wonder Woman while I'm gone. David out.

BougieLand, not even sure what to do with that but I do I have to ask... who dates down? Deliberately? Don't we all want to date up? And if we all do, what does that mean for everyone else? Oh, while I'm asking - who has tips for long distance relationships? Really, really long distance... Le Sigh.