BnB Game Day Recipe Swap

Football Season is upon us and even if there are those among us who don't follow the sport, there's more to game day than the game. It's an awesome time to hang out, eat, meet new people, eat, sip adult beverage, and did I mention eat? So, if we were having a BougieLand NFL Kickoff Potluck... what would you bring and what's the recipe? If you can't/don't/won't cook, how about a beverage recipe? 

I have a million faves, but today I'll share my teriyaki baby back rib recipe.
Here's what you need:
2 slabs of baby back ribs
Mesquite seasoning (My favorite is Weber Smoky Mesquite)
4 heaping tbsp fresh crushed garlic
Seasoned Pepper
Garlic Salt
2 bottles of Teriyaki Marinade (I'm partial to Kikkoman or KC Masterpiece)
4 tbsp of molasses
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 can of chicken broth
Your choice - either 1 bottle of sweet sparkling wine or 4 bottles of dark beer. If you want the ribs to have a little fruity twang, go with the wine. If you want the ribs to be a little woodsy, go with the beer.

Slice the slabs in half. Stab the meat repeatedly with a fork, front and back. Rub meat with olive oil and seasonings. Place in deep airtight container. Pour beer/wine, teriyaki sauce, molasses over the top. Meat should be completely submerged in liquid. If not, add chicken broth. Before sealing, add garlic to the marinade. Ribs should marinade overnight or eight hours. Grill evenly on both sides until thoroughly cooked.

These ribs have no need of sauce but... here's my BBQ sauce recipe:
1 bottle KC Masterpiece Hickory Brown Sugar Sauce
1 bottle KC Masterpiece Mesquite Sauce
1 8 oz. bottle medium garlic salsa
1/4 cup of honey
Southwest Chipotle Seasoning (4 generous shakes)

Blend all ingredients in a large saucepan. Heat but don't boil. I sometimes add fresh chopped tomato, garlic and onion if the sauce seems to be missing a little something. In other words, season to taste. Glaze the ribs and enjoy!

Whatcha got, BougieLand? Do share...