Saturday Music Spotlight - Not Ready to Throne Watch

Watch The Throne Album Cover
I like rap, I really do. I wouldn't call myself a hip-hop head by any stretch of the imagination but maybe an enthusiast. I'm definitely more of a NeoSoul chick but who can get their treadmill flow on to Musiq and Maxwell? I have hip hop moods where nothing else will do. I've found that there's no telling what I will like and what I won't and I never know what will grow me.

This week Zeezy and Yeezy (Jay-Z and Kanye) dropped Watch the Throne. The definitive "We've made it, we're rich, and you know you're going to buy it" album. I'm not mad at them. But based on what I've heard so far, a lot of it is going to have to grow on me. Particularly this cut, Otis. I like parts of it but I'm waiting on the whole thing to come together where I'll turn the volume up and scream "that's my song"! Check it out:


The lyrics are throwback to the late 90s/early 00's when rap got very shiny and blingy. I'm also not sure I like how they used the sample of the late great Mr. Redding's Try a Little Tenderness but maybe it'll sneak up on me. BougieLand, whatcha think?