New and improved... sort of

Apparently what's hot in the streetz is for Blogger and WordPress to unleash all flavas of hell on folks who want to switch from one to the other. In the midst of my exodus from Blogger, some drama over ownership of my dedicated domain name cropped up. I pay for the thing every year so it's mine. It should go where I go, right? That's still under debate. I could buy a new domain name and point BnB'ers to it but don't you know someone owns and uses 

That being said, we're still here for now. We are optimized for mobile. If you go to on your smart phones, it (finally) detects mobile and acts accordingly. Disqus has been upgraded as well. It will work on Android and iPhones, BlackBerry not so much. Not sure sure if this solves the social media lockdown some of you were experiencing in the workplace though. 

I've stripped most of the bells and whistles off the site to make it quick to load and as drama-free as possible. No funky fonts, no twirling banners. Enjoy the shiny newness.