The Great Love of Your Life

I was watching Oprah's Season 25: Behind the Scenes and she keyed in on the fact that the show has been the great love of her life. My first thought was... what about Stedman? And my second thought was - what's been the great love of my life? And who?

Well, let's define it first -for something (or someone) to be the love of your life they must enrich you, beguile you, challenge you, fulfill you and claim your heart and soul in such a way that keeps you engaged year after year. Now that's love.

Hmm, a few years ago I could have told you who but now that answer is... a work in progress shall we say. If I was forced to pick a who - I'd have to go with BougieFam... for now. But check back in, that's subject to change. As for what? Books. The reading of them, the learning from them and the writing of them - that's been the great love of my life.

What about you, BougieLand? Who is the great love of your life? What is the great love of your life? Why? Do share...