The Got-A-Man/Gained-Some-Weight Struggle

@CarolynEdgar and I were discussing this phenomenon a few days back on Twitter. The Got-A-Man/Gained-Some-Weight (GAMGSW) Struggle is real. It's equivalent to the Freshman 10 (15? 20?) and harder to take off because um... none of us are college freshmen anymore. 3N and I have been seeing each other for about six months now and more than a few things have changed.

While in Jamaica, I was shimmying into last year's bathing suit. It fit and looked cute but I was definitively curvier. Let's just say my cups were overflowing. I had a moment in the mirror when I wondered whose thighs had jumped onto my body. No bueno.

When you first start dating, it's all long dinners and wine and desserts. And I had to be all dazzling with the kitchen creations. Plus he has a habit of buying gourmet cupcakes. Next thing you know, it's evenings on couch full of shrimp fettuccine and red velvet cupcakes. So this is totally his fault.

Okay, maybe not. The combination of having someone who already likes what he sees, eating becoming a a romantic ritual and me walking past the treadmill as if it doesn't exist has led directly to this struggle realization moment. And with my metabolism? If I don't nip it in the bud now, those dark wash skinny jeans for fall will be a major health hazard.

Mind you, he still manages to work out four times a week. In fact, he is probably looking even better now than when we met (insert laser beam side-eye here). That just won't do. I (in my sad defense) was on deadline and juggling the HR consulting gigs and it made more sense to get in an extra hour of work instead of working out. Well, things have got to change. I've got to keep my cute. And I can't afford to buy all new clothes. Guess I'll lose the weight. Le Sigh. Prepare for Michele's I'm-on-the-treadmill-eating-salad posts.

Who knows my struggle?