What's your "type"?

Sunday a bunch of us were at a park in Allen, Texas to watch some fireworks. We were rolling about 12 people deep and had completely bougiefied about fifteen square feet of park grounds with lounge chairs, blankets, coolers, umbrellas, totes and tray tables. Even though the sun was setting, it was still warm (read hell-like hot) so someone was passing a portable fan with mister around. I leaned forward to get my mist on when my eyes caught a familiar frame off in the distance. I squinted, tilted my sunglasses down and then dove (unashamedly) behind two of the fellas.

"Woman, what is your problem?"

"It's Derrick and his wife."

"Did he re-marry her?"

"I don't know, that's not the point. I don't want any more drama so hide me."

They did but of course, they had commentary. "So does she only wear halter tops? I think every time you describe this chick, she rocking a halter." "He looks miserable." and most notably. "Well Chele, you do have a type, don't you?"

Hmm. Thought worthy. I peeked over Jayme's shoulder to look at Derrick. The only thing that he and 3N have in common at a glance is that they are both tall and chocolate. But okay, I'll own it. I have a type. Tall, dark, professional, articulate, confident with a sense of humor. That's me all day. Not saying I haven't dated outside of type but invariably, I find myself gravitating to that "type." But far more important than the exterior, I've gotten really picky about character traits. My friend Shirley says I keep dating improved versions of the same guy.

Le Bougie Shrug. I know what I like. But is that what's good for me? Time will tell. One of my friends, Jazz; always dated light-skinned boisterous, life of the party athletes who didn't take life too seriously. She married Bryan, a tech dude with a quiet wit who only plays sports if it comes in Xbox form. He has a 20-year life plan. So who knows?

Bougieland, I put the question to you? What's your type? Do you admit to having one? Do you date outside of it? For the married folks, did you marry someone that was your "type" or not? Have you all stopped to think whether your "prototype" is really the best person for you? Just curious. Do share...