Summer TV - What are you watching?

Facts are facts, cable is killing the original programming game right now. I have no idea what is on the "Big Four" networks right now. But I do know that TNT, USA, AMC, HBO, Lifetime, etc are producing and putting out some pretty decent product.

I watch The Closer, Leverage, and HawthoRNe on TNT. I'm hoping to get through an entire season of HawthoRNe without getting irritated and quitting. Has anybody watched Falling Skies? I can't with the aliens but it seems to be getting good reviews? I tried watching a few moments of Franklin & Bash - that was good & terrible.

Drop Dead Diva has maybe one more week before I give up on it. How long must one woman pine over a man who has dated everybody but her? I don't know but a season and a half is enough. I watched one and a half episodes of The Protector starring the chick from Profiler and Tisha Campbell. Tisha needs a raise. She totally saves the show. 

I enjoyed the past season of Treme and I'm interested to see what Entourage will do for the last season. I never got into True Blood but you guys can let me know if it's holding your attention this year? Did anybody watch Game of Thrones? I heard buzz about it but never caught an episode.

Breaking Bad on AMC is another I hear good things about but I haven't had the time to watch. SyFy is premiering a show called Alphas that is getting a lot of buzz but really, there are only so many hours in the day. Rescue Me is coming back for a final season on FX, could this be the season they all get it together?

I did catch Necessary Roughness on USA. I'm on the fence about that one. First of all, I seriously hope Terrell Owens is getting royalties for the complete rip of his life/personality/issues that Mehcad Brooks is using as the the trouble wide receiver Terrance "TK" King. I think they need to flesh out those main characters a bit more before I'm sold on that one. They also debuted a show called Suits that has some pretty good writing plus the law firm has a sister as the managing partner - win.

I'm also dying to see The Curious Case of Curt Flood. Ever wonder who A-Rod has to thank for his $100MM contract? It's Curt Flood, the baseball player who sued Major League Baseball all the way to the Supreme Court. Even though he lost the case, his actions brought about player solidarity and free agency. Take a quick look:

Who has watched (will watch) what? What looks good? What looks bad? Rep your show. All suggestions entertained. Thoughts, comments, insights?