She was crazy when you met her, sir...

Stop for a minute, before all of the mental health advocates and professionals come at me sideways... I'm using crazy as a subjective term referring to folks that are a little bit out of control and a whole lot out of pocket. I'm not mocking mental illness, okay? Okay... let's move on.

Next disclaimer: yes, I know a lot of women date deranged-azz men but this post isn't about them. Umm-kay? Here we go.

Lately, I've been hearing a lot (I mean a lot) about these wack-a-doo (technical term) chicks and the fellas that date them and live to regret it. Women are cutting off body parts, poisoning food, calling jobs, lighting fires, trashing cars, pouring bleach on clothes, straight stalking, I mean it's out of control. And yet, they keep getting booed up while the rational ladies who are content to sit home on sandwich night watch from afar. I don't get it. And I really want to, so I'm asking the question.
Dear fellas,
Please help me to understand. All the beefing and b*tching about your crazy ex-girlfriend, wife, baby mama... cease and desist. Immediately. She was crazy when you met her. Something about her was just a little bit off-center. That level of ratchetassness does not manifest overnight. No woman wakes up on a Saturday and says "I'm going to shoot the tires out of Jeffrey's car today" just for kicks. No sir. She has shown signs of bullet-happy property destruction before... you chose to ignore it. 
*nods* I get it though. It was hot when she was standing on the bed in a thong pouring lukewarm honey on Mr. Happy. One hundred candles is sexy when the cocoa is on point. Never occured to you that a woman so eager to slather your jewels with heated substances might use that against you some day? (Reference Al Hot Grits Green please) Never thought that anyone who would take the time to light 100 candles might be a little fire-giddy? Umm-hmm.
There's always that girl who's a little quick to go off in the mall if some other woman looks at you twice. She's a little too concerned each and every time your phone beeps. She's all about you, baby. Have you ever stopped to wonder just why she's soooo into you in such a short period of time? Put your ego in park and think on it.
Lookie here. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you fellas this. I really am. You know OneChele loves the menfolk. I really do. But if your woman is crazy it's for two reasons: 1) She always was or 2) Someone (could be you) drove her there and dropped her off. 
Riddle me this though, guys - why do you keep hooking up with these off the chart chicks? I'm talking about women that have displayed their crazy before. Do you think you have the magic cure? Were you seriously just blinded by the cocoa? The bing-badda-boom? Have we learned nothing from the prophetic words of BBD - "Never trust a big butt and a smile"? 
Gents. Please explain. Thanks, 
Inquiring minds want to know. I know so many women who meet you guys right after you've come from Crazy Chick and they just want an answer... why? What is crazy chick doing right? Can anybody shed some insight into this? Anybody, anybody?

BTW - if you thought this post was over the top, you should have seen what I originally wrote when the title was "Why do hoes get chose while good girls take up knitting?" Yeah, it was rough.