The problem with #OWN - The Oprah Winfrey Network

I like Oprah. I do. I'm not a squealing, OMG-ing, everything-she-recommends-I-must-try kind of fan but I respect her hustle, her reach and her general philosophies of reach one, teach one and first do no harm. There was a murky area there where I thought her show was a little too Oprah-centric. I also sent many a side-eye towards a lot of her book club selections (No love for a light-hearted romance?). There were definitely a few cringe-worthy moments from this final season (that Iyanla interview). But overall, Oprah is all right by me.

BougieMom retired in the late nineties and barring any appointments, she watched Oprah every single weekday up until the finale. I can't even tell you how many conversations she started with "Guess what happened on Oprah today?"

That's why I was excited to see what the Winfrey team could do with an entire channel. I watched quite a bit of OWN the first weekend and then popped in and out trying to find shows to love. It was hard to do. There were a lot of random reality shows, some psych-talk shows, a lot of Gayle. No shade to Gayle, she's just not Oprah.

Here's the problem: Not enough Oprah, too many random people I just don't care about. The Judds? Shania Twain? Chaz Bono? Sarah Ferguson? Tatum O'Neal? C'mon... seriously? I'm already not a fan of reality TV but reality TV about celebrities I never cared about?

The two best shows are Master Class and Behind the Scenes. By the way, did they ever show the Master Class on Sidney Poitier? He was in the original promo and then we never saw it. At any rate, Master Class was the smart idea of letting a personality tell their own story the way they wanted to tell it. Very well done. Maya Angelou's literally made me tear up. Behind the Scenes gives the viewer the back story for the goings-on at the Oprah Winfrey Show. But we're nearing the finale.

So the two best shows are done. Replacing them? A whole lotta random. A makeover show. A show about infidelity (Unfaithful - it's actually kind of interesting), talk show, documentary, talk show. 

The other problem I have with OWN - where are the stories for sistah girls? Playing The Color Purple every weekend doesn't count. 

Has anyone been watching OWN? What do you love? What would you change? Do share - who knows maybe someone will pay attention. BougieTales on OWN?