Which is worse: whipped or thirsty? An Ask a Bougie Chick special

I have to take a minute and giggle at the graphic. Just putting it together, I cracked myself up. [falls off chair, picks self back up] Okay, I'm back. Today, we have two letters from fellas on opposite sides of the dating scale. One might be getting too much; one might not ever get any again. Now for your reading pleasure:

From Q-gent in Charlotte:
Quick question for you. What's so wrong with being whipped (if that's even what I am)? I'm 28, been searching for "that girl" for a long time. I found her, she digs me. My free time is pretty much all about her right now. It's been about two months. My boys staged a "player-vention" last weekend and presented me with a fake ball and chain and a t-shirt with a cat on it. They said that's the whipped man's uniform.They took my phone, looked in my history to count how many times I call her in a day. I average eight calls a day. They were killing me with it. It was funny but then again not so much. This is what it's supposed to be in the beginning, right? You want to talk every second and be with her all the time. She's not controlling me, she's making me happy. Is that whipped? Do you have a definition? Can you get the opinion of the BnB audience? - Q
From PB&James in Fresno:
Hi Chele,
I'm a 24 year old decent looking black man in the middle of a serious dry spell. It's been 18 months and no "cocoa" in sight. No milk, no powder, no cups, know what I'm saying? So now I'm coming across pressed when I want to play it cool. None of my usual stuff works at the clubs and I don't want to pretend like I want to start a relationship when I'm trolling for cocoa. I'm thinking about moving one lady friend of mine out of the Friend Zone. If I tell her in advance it's just about the cocoa and she says it's okay, that's cool, right? Looking for opinions, advice, any guys that have gone through the same thing, stuff like that. -James
I'm only going to say two things and then I'm turning it over to BougieLand:

Q - there's a difference between new love and someone having your balls in a jar on their night stand, only you know which is which.

James - Thirst kills. Slaking thirst with deceit and game kills in ugly ways.

BougieLand, what say you? Who can define the concept of "whippedness" to Q? Who can drop some knowledge on James? Who is a little irritated with both of them? Fellas? Thoughts, comments, insights? It's in your hands today, let 'em know...