Undies... the second of three topics to kill dead

And here's a topic we will never (ever, ever) discuss again in BougieLand - foundation garments. Yes, bras and drawers.

Every few days or so, someone on Twitter (usually a male) announces that women ain't on their five-star, "A" game if they are stepping out without matching their name brand bra to their name brand panties. I wish I was joking. I really do. 

Following this announcement comes a maelstrom of fevered debate from all sides. Folks start weighing in on brands (La Perla, Vicki's, Bali, Hanes), folks want to know what the male equivalent of matching lingerie sets might be, and then people start choosing sides. You have women that agree, women that tell you to kiss their entire mismatched azzes, guys who cosign, guys who are team #AslongastheycomeoffIdontcare and both sexes who think the conversation is pointless.

I'm a matchy-matchy kind of girl but I can't always make it work. Some days I give less than a damn. Some lingerie is um... "occasion specific" and not meant for all day wear. Women feel me when I say that some bras are just instruments of torture and even though you really wanted to rock the sky blue fit to match the striped boy shorts, it just wasn't meant to be. Sometimes an underwire goes awry. Sometimes the cream colored stretch lace meets an untimely end in the dryer and there goes the set. Seriously, it's not as easy as it sounds.

What I want to know is - who are these men who feel they can tell you what to wear? Especially when it comes to intimates? And seriously, a man has you to the point where you're down to undies and is going to stop because your cherry red bra clashes with your sunshine yellow thong? This is a man showing lack of motivation and focus, with that inability to stay on point... he can move along. 

The women who felt it was imperative to impress a man with their $300 matching lingerie set game? You're worried about the wrong things sweetheart. You need to step your game up so that old boy is drooling when you're rocking three year old Fruit-of-the-Loom, ya hear? And how are you going to feel when those $75 sheer triangles get torn (it happens) and old boy doesn't offer to replace them? Hmpfh. That's an expensive affectation. 

I don't even want to get into the double standard. Some of you fellas have got to do better with your drawers game. Seriously. Just. Do. Better.

So I'm deading the conversation right here. Do we really need folks telling us what to wear under there? Really? Thoughts, comments, astounded musings? Have at it, one day only... BnB discusses boxers, briefs, bras and boy shorts...