Sarah Palin needs to go away... Third of three topics to kill dead.

I'm not one to hate people. Particularly people I don't know. But I feel such a strong dislike for all things Palin that it's a near thing. Like I seriously need to pray on it. She makes me crazy. I don't know the woman. And I have to admit that I don't want to. What I do know is that she refuses to go away. Like bad mold she creeps back into view and spreads herself around sometimes making people sick in the process. Is that harsh? Oh well.

It's to the point where I change the channel if she comes on or even if they start talking about her. I've put filters on my Twitter so I don't even see tweets with her name in them. I've decided that avoidance is the only way to go with her. 

So what's the problem, Chele? What's so bad about her?

I dislike insincere people. I dislike people who stepped (riverdanced) all over unsuspecting taxpayers to better their own circumstances. I dislike people who talk out one side of their hindparts with nothing (like pesky facts and truth) to back them up. I dislike bandwagoning. I dislike people who use the phrase "real Americans" like there is any such damn thing. I dislike women who pretend they aren't using their sexuality as a come-up. I dislike mothers who pimp their children for profit. And I dislike people who talk badly about my President when they can't hold a candle to him.

I don't think she's clever, I think she's a manipulator with a microphone and a stylist. I don't think she's an innovator, I think she's a talking head with a half-assed platform. I don't think she's what this country needs, I think she's what's wrong with this country on so many levels. Sound bites and photo ops but at the end of the day, what did you do but earn money for yourself and your pet causes? She's the Kim Kardashian of politics. #shadethrown #shotsfired

So here endeth my Palin rants. No more Palin in BougieLand. If (God forbid) she becomes President, I will live tweet my return to my ancestral homeland of Guyana where I will inform my cousins that my father financed most of their educations and I'm going to need a room. Immediately. With a satellite and wi-fi. At least for four years. Feel free to come visit. We'll call it BougieLand Caribe.

Thoughts on La Palin? Be forewarned, I have a short fuse about her. I will yank your comment if it crosses a line. The floor is yours...