Just yell at a bougie chick? Really?

I was going through emails making sure I haven't missed any requests or Ask a Bougie Chick questions. For the record, I've missed quite a few. I'm working on it, hang in there. But while get my peruse on, my eye fell across a few letters with interesting subject titles. One was literally entitled "Truth you need to hear about yourself" and the other had the subject "Go to Hell" - now that's just wrong on so many levels.

After reading a few lines of both, I've decided they are in a category new to BnB: Yell at a Bougie Chick. (Let's hope this doesn't become a thing) Take a peek at some excerpts and see what I mean..
Hey Chele,
I guess you're doing your thing but I think the overall message you are sending to people is irresponsible and elitist. You put up these posts acting like being a stuck up snob is something to aspire to. I don't think you're better than anybody else and the sooner you get over yourself the better. You're not that cute, your boyfriend's not that hot and your books have no social value at all..

I only started reading you because I thought you were about something but you are really in it for you. I hate people like you. I've had to put up with that my whole life.

{...three more paragraphs of the same} So in closing, I'm unsubscribing, unfollowing and throwing out the book I bought. Good luck in your self-absorbed life.
Ummmm, well let me digest some of that. Okay then.

Hey CPW, you may call me Ms. Grant since you took kind of a tone with me right out the gate there. Irresponsible? Elitist? You lost me. Did you read any of the Bouge Rules? Sounds like you have me confused with someone who stole your lollipop and threw it in the mud at recess... in kindergarten. I don't feel any need to defend myself to you, I'm not sure I'm who you're mad at. As for the books/blog posts: love 'em or leave 'em alone. But the man? He's hella-hot, hate if you want to. Thanks for sharing, OneChele

Next up, Allen... who swears I ruined his relationship.
My girlfriend reads this f**king blog every damn day like it's her Bible. And now she thinks that I don't do enough for her or period. She's not happy with my job or my clothes or my eating habits or our sex life which she has started calling cocoa thanks to your inane made up chatter. She was perfectly happy with me before she started reading you and now nothing is "fabulous" enough for her. This is bullshit. I'm blocking your web page and you should be ashamed. She bought one of your books this weekend, guess what I'm using to start the bar-b-q? -Allen
Hey Allen, not to rile you up any further but I suspect your girl was unhappy long before she happened upon BougieLand. I'm catching a whiff of insecurity wafting from your direction. Also, the correct term is bullshiggity - just a little more of my inane made up chatter. "Fabulous"? I rarely go on about fab life, bougenificence? Yes. By the way, censorship of your girlfriend's reading/web material is just wrong. For the record, they did print more than one copy of my books. You may go out and purchase each and every one in your metropolitan area and have a massive bonfire. Hope things get better for you, OneChele

Am I the ONLY one who hates when people feel the need to announce that they are leaving? Just go. We'll survive. Did BougieLand break up Allen's happy home? Do ya'll have thoughts on CPW's haterade-fueled rant? Do share...