Follow-up to Ask A Bougie Chick - Sweet Justice (sort of)

Remember the tale of BZ Lady, the woman whose ex-fiance had hornswoggled her out of $16,000 to start a business and never paid back a dime? Well, here is karma for you...
Hey Chele,
Just wanted to let you know that the woman Kenny moved in with left him and cleaned out the business and the checking accounts when she left. I only know this because she tracked me down and gave me five thousand dollars in cash and said she was sorry for her part in the "previous drama"- those were her exact words. 
I admit a part of me wanted to say that if she was truly sorry, she would give me back the entire $16k but you know what, it's better than what I had. I did take someone on your blog's advice and transfer about $3,000 out of the one account of Kenny's that I still had the number on before he shut it down. So between that and this I got about half back. I'm still going ahead with the suit against him because I want that judgment on his record. 
But yes, Chele - I did chuckle to see girlfriend pull up hauling a duffle bag full of his cash. Like my great aunt Sue used to say, "Life long enough, you'll see it all come back around." 
I'm going to try and start dating again. There's been a guy but I wasn't ready. I'm at least willing to give him a coffee date.  
Thanks for all the good wishes on advice on BnB. Appreciated!
What do you think? Did Kenny get what he deserved? Should BZ just take the cash she got back and be done with it? What would you do at this point? Do tell...