Bougie Timeout

Quite a week we're having here in BougieLand. After looking over the past few days, it seems a good time for a Bougie Timeout. (Beyond the fact that I don't have a post ready and I'm shutting it down early tonight) Feels like time for a collective BnB "Woo-sah."

Inhale in, exhale out. Repeat. It's an excellent moment to reflect on what we've learned about each other and how much we've grown into a true community. 

So much so that we have insiders and those that keep to themselves. We have laws and bylaws and perhaps even a language of our own. We have original founding members and newbies and yes, even an exile or two (6). As we moonwalked into Blogiversary Month (2 years!) here on BnB, I did feel the need to say through it all: Thanks for visiting, thanks for sticking around. More to come.