The Blogiversary Post: Because Life is Not a Reality Show

I think long and hard about what to post here in BougieLand. Well, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'm just riled up and I sit down at the keyboard and fire off a stream of consciousness rant. Most the rest of the time, I think about it. I started this blog talking about what bougenificence means to me and but I very quickly realized that explaining/justifying the bouge lifestyle took up about a month's worth of posts and that was that.

I quite simply blog about my opinions and my life because that's what I know. And even then, I contemplate which pieces to share and which to keep but because bless ya'lls heart, you can take a simple post about snowflakes and turn it into a thesis on blizzards, how to build the best snowman, whether sleet is really snow and whether the term "White Christmas" is racist or not. 

This is also the reason why I only share snippets of the new relationship. And even when I share those, I don't write out the experience word for word, moment by moment. It's an overview not a reality show. And I generally only share what I share to open up a line of conversation. 

The crux of the matter is that I blog to open a forum. Happily, we've built a community of people from various sectors and industries and locations that are vocal and articulate. What I don't want BnB to become is a monolith where everybody thinks the same and cosigns each other constantly. No one grows that way. However, I also don't want an atmosphere where someone can't offer a differing opinion without being shredded, chargrilled and served up on a platter.Oh and last-word-itis? Some of you all have got to let that go. Please and thank you. 

The BougieTales and Ask A Bougie Chick segments are not fiction. These are real people. Granted, some of them have set themselves up to be blog fodder and if someone (Tracey!) writes in begging for a pen-lashing, I'm more than happy to oblige. So I'm not even asking that you sheath your swords when fencing is called for. But I would like to see us add a dimension where we put ourselves in that person's shoes for a minute and then offer them the best that we have whether it's criticism, encouragement, scorn or agreement. 

June 23, 2011 wrapped two years of BnB goodness. Let's take it to the next level for the next two. Thanks for hanging in here with me. Cupcakes and champagne for everybody!